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What is Exchange?

Exchange is an all-volunteer, national service organization for men and woman who want to serve their community, develop leadership skills and enjoy new friendships. Exchange is made up of nearly 1,000 clubs and 33,000 members throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Exchange is known to millions as America’s Service Club, and with good reason, from our organizations earliest days; Exchange Clubs have been unselfishly serving their communities and improving the quality of life. The diverse array of Exchange-sponsored programs has made a considerable impact on America thus enhancing the lives of countless men, woman, and children across the nation.

Why Join Exchange?

To help build a better America and in to bring out the best in yourself. Exchange helps members to develop leadership, networking and organization skills that contribute to success in business, family, and personal endeavors. More importantly, Exchange provides members with the opportunity to share their time and talents to help others whether by reaching out to an abused child who needs love and affection….helping to organize a community project or chairing a fundraising event to continue the positive work of Exchange. Through these and many other positive public-spirited projects, Exchangites are making a difference in cities and towns across America.


The first local Exchange Club was formed in Detroit Michigan in 1911. Charles A. Berkey is the man who is credited with the founding of this great organization. The second was the exchange of Toledo Ohio formed in 1913. Subsequently, two others were organized in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Cleveland, Ohio. These four clubs were the first to be charted by the National Exchange Club after it was organized as a nonprofit, educational organization in 1917. Since then hundreds of clubs have been charted in the United States and Puerto Rico. The National exchange club headquarters is located in Toledo, 0hio. Our chief objective is to help Exchange realize their full potential of community service.

What do Exchange Clubs Do?

Clubs sponsor a wide range of activities to improve our communities, help the disadvantaged and encourage good American citizenship. The principal areas of Exchange’s National Program of service are Youth, Americanism and Community Service with Child Abuse Prevention emphasized as the National Project. Members also initiate activities to meet unique local needs. This may be anything raising funds for Exchange’s many programs to support our community with their many needs.

Brief History


A group of business and professional men began to meet for lunch in Detroit to share ideas they called themselves the “Booster’s Club”


One of their members Charles Berkey a wholesale jeweler organized the Boosters into the first Exchange Club. They chose the name because they exchanged ideas and philosophies.


Exchange Club becomes a national organization with its headquarters in Toledo Ohio where it still is today.


The Lawrence Exchange Club is formed and continues to be very active in the community.


There are nearly 1,000 local Exchange Clubs throughout the USA and Puerto Rico with some 32,000 members.


We aim to exchange ideas with like minded people to make the community a better place live. Our mission is accomplished through The Four Pillars of Exchange: Americanism, Community Service, Youth Programs, and our National Project: Child Abuse Prevention.

If you would like to learn more, visit the official National Exchange Club website.

National Projects

The first national project adopted by the National Exchange was the aviation industry The present national project is the prevention of child abuse which was adopted in 1979.

Covenant of Service

Accepting the divine privilege of single and collective responsibility as life’s noblest gift, I covenant with my fellow Exchangites:

TO concentrate my best energies to the uplifting of Social, Religious, Political and Business ideals;

TO discharge the debt I owe to those of high and low estate who have served and sacrificed that the heritage of American citizenship might be mine;

TO honor and respect law, to serve my fellowmen, and to uphold the ideals and institutions of my country;

TO implant the life-giving, society-building spirit of Service and Comradeship in my social and Business relationships;

TO serve in Unity with those seeking better conditions, better understandings and greater opportunities for all.

Past Presidents

July 2018-2019: Sean Devan

July 2017: Thomas Terry

July 2016: Rafael Abislaiman

July 2015: Francisco Santiago

July 2014: David Ferguson

July 2013: Steve Alfano

July 2012: Sharon Birchall

July 2011: Scott Martin

July 2010: Bruce Baril

July 2009: Christine Santacroce

July 2008: Dawna Perez

July 2007: Timothy Burke

July 2006: Eleanor Baker

July 2005: Jerome Jozak

July 2004: Shaun Harty

July 2003: Lana Schofield

July 2002: David L. Cotnoir

July 2001: Richard R. Blain

July 2000: John D. Ball

July 1999: Michael B. Christensen

July 1998: Paul J. MacDonald

July 1997: Jesus M. Gonzalez

July 1996: Bob Wescott

July 1995: Robert Bernier

September 1994: Russel A Bodnar

September 1993: Thomas P. Sheehan

September 1992: Sam J. Cafiso

September 1991: Arthur H. Richter, Jr.

September 1990: Ronald Hebert

September 1989: Allen E. Cuscia

September 1988: Michael P. Rurak

September 1987: David F. Hennessey

September 1986: Frank P Bernarducci Jr.

September 1985: Steve Sciuto

September 1984: Alfred J. Pappalardo

September 1983: John A Turonis

September 1982: Alan R. McLennan

September 1981: Donald Gallant

September 1980: Gary Ritter

May 1979: Robert P Perreault

May 1978: Laurence J. Yameen

May 1977: Joseph A. Bell

June 1976: John L. Burke

July 1975: Laurence F. Silva

July 1974: Richard J. Scalera

Record Unclear: Fred T. Ead

June 1972: Alfred J. Torrisi

September 1971: James P. Gordon

June 1970: Francis J. MacDonald

June 1969: Robert C. Garland

July 1968: John F. Manning

October 1967: Charles H. Turner

January 1967: Thomas A. Leone

May 1966: George J. Daker

January 1966: Charles A. Arallone

January 1965: Harry R. Dow III

January 1964: G. Thomas Catalano

January 1963: Robert F. Fournier

January 1962: Leonard J Theberge

January 1961: Albert Farrah

January 1960: Gardener N. McCartney

December 1958: Louis J. Breen

January 1958: John J. Hart III

June 1956: John E. Mosca

July 1955: Theodore M. H. Samel

July 1954: Eugene F. McAuliffe

July 1953: Alexander J. Cody

July 1952: Thayer S. Warshaw

July 1951: Robert S. Kesler

July 1950: Robert G. Doyle

July 1949: John A. McNiff

July 1948: Frank L. McLanathan

October 1947: William J. Daley

June 1947: William J. Daley

December 1946: John Bolten, Jr.

Famous Alumni

The Exchange Club of Niceville is part of the National Exchange Club, and has been active for 30 years.

Here are some well known Exchangites from across the country and throughout Exchange Club history:

  • Former President George H.W. Bush
  • Former President Calvin Coolidge
  • Former President Warren G. Harding
  • Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Former President Harry Truman
  • Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd
  • Chief Justice Earl Warren
  • Aviator Orville Wright
  • Aviator James “Jimmy” Doolittle
  • Aviator Amelia Earhart
  • Dr. Norman Vincent Peale