How we Serve

To promote patriotism in our country, respect for our flag, and appreciation of the freedoms which we enjoy.

The Proudly We Hail program annually recognizes a homeowner and a business that fly the United States flag in an ongoing and highly visible expression of respect for our flag and nation. The recipients are presented with a plaque at a weekly luncheon, usually on or close to Flag Day, June fourteenth.

One Nation Under God – This program is typically conducted near Thanksgiving Day but it can be done at the committee’s discretion. The program aims to increase appreciation of our rich religious heritage and seeks to remind Americans that we must always entrust a higher power for guidance, protection, and strength. The program could consist of a prayer breakfast, inviting a member of the clergy to speak at a luncheon, or by sponsoring a One Nation under God essay, or poster contest in schools.

GiveAKidAFlagToWave – The distribution of small hand held United States flags to KIDS, by our members, is a fun-filled way to work together on a group project. This can be done at parades, picnics, school, or community events.

The Freedom Shrine is a permanently mounted collection of 28 of the most significant American historical documents, beginning with the Mayflower Compact and the Declaration of Independence, up to speeches by John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. These documents portray our nation from its infancy, allowing readers to read the immortal words of inspired Americans who so decisively changed the course of history.

Community Service

Programs of Service that have a common goal of serving, benefiting and improving our community.

Police / Firefighter /.EMT, of the Year – These annual awards honor our local public safety personnel for their community service and heroic efforts. We solicit recommendations from the Chiefs of the Andover, Lawrence, and North Andover police and fire departments. Those selected are honored at an evening banquet where the awards and commendations are presented.

National Day of Service / Crime and Fire Prevention – We have for several years been conducting our Crime and Fire Prevention Day in conjunction with the National Day of Service in October at the Central Fire Station in Lawrence. This event is free, and open to the public, with the focus on youth and senior citizens. It provides youth with an opportunity to crawl through a smokehouse, simulating escaping a house fire, and learning other fire safety tips. Seniors are provided with batteries and smoke/CO detectors.

Book of Golden Deeds – There are many people in our area who work quietly behind the scenes helping individuals or organizations to improve the lives of those in need. We solicit nominations for this award from our members and the general public. The award is usually presented at an evening banquet attended by our members, the public, and family and friends of the recipient.

Youth Programs

Recognizing that our youth are our most valuable natural resource. Exchange clubs sponsor an impressive selection of programs designed to benefit and encourage our local youth.

Youth Scholarships – Our club has for many years awarded scholarships to the youth of Lawrence in memory of two former club members. The Joseph L’ltalien scholarship is awarded to eighth-graders who plan to attend a private high school. The John J. Hart scholarship is for high school seniors heading for college. The annual total for these awards averages approximately $22,000.00, depending on our fundraising capabilities in a given year.

A.C.E. – is an acronym for Accepting the Challenge of Excellence. This award is presented to a high school senior who has had an inordinately difficult childhood whether it is due to mental or physical abuse, family problems, or health-related issues. If they manage to put these problems aside and become an outstanding student and member of their community, we honor them each year at a weekly luncheon with a special A.C.E. plaque and a scholarship.

Youth of the Year – Each year the committee solicits the nomination of a boy and a girl from Central Catholic High School, the Greater Lawrence Technical School, and Lawrence High School to participate in this program. The students must be the best in their class, active in school and community activities, and must write an essay, the title of which is chosen by the National Exchange. The students read their essay at a weekly luncheon at which time they receive a $100.00 award. The committee meets to select the best of the six, who will receive a  scholarship and be entered in the New England District competition. We have had one N.E. District winner from our club. Today she is a Judge in the Worcester Courts.

Student of the Month -We partner with local Public and Private elementary schools to help teachers recognize outstanding effort by First through Sixth-grade students. We prepare a Master Plaque for the school to display the winners, and we present the students with backpacks of recommended school supplies at one of our weekly meetings with teachers and parents invited.

Excel Programs– In essence, this program which began in 2011 at the Esperanza Academy in Lawrence and the Wetherbee School is a junior Exchange Club, chartered by the National Exchange Club, and mentored by our club. It provides an opportunity for the students to learn planning, organization, fundraising, and leadership skills.

Junior Aviators – This program which was started in 2011 by three club members who have a background in aviation, along with several other club members, proved to be a great success. Students at the Lawrence Boys and Girls Club and Esperanza Academy learned the basics of flight and then constructed several remote-controlled powered model airplanes which were flown at an air field in Tewksbury when completed.

Young Citizenship Award – Junior high school age children who work hard at being good citizens at home, at school, and in the community are candidates for this award. They don’t shirk when there is a job to be done. They cooperate with teachers and parents. They may not be at the top of their class, star athletes, or musical virtuosos. They are just great kids who you would be proud to have as a member of your family.

Junior Police – This is a proven and powerful program consisting of at least three visits bringing law enforcement officers into the classrooms of 3rd to 7th graders. It allows young people to meet and chat with police in a relaxed as, or musical virtuosos. They are just great kids who you would be proud to have as a member of your family.

Kids as Peacemakers – We give the School a sheet of 4×8 plywood and the Kids brainstorm and decide what Peace means to them. After the discussion, they paint a mural as a depiction of their efforts onto the plywood and we put it on display outside of their School.

TimeoutTeddy– We provide the Police Department with small Teddy Bears for them to give to children of Domestic Abuse