Field of Honor Flag

Includes your honoree’s name and your message on a laminated 3″x5″ tag.  After the event, you can keep the flag ($50), tag and pole that you take home to display OR choose to dedicate/leave the flag ($30) and take the tag.

After your purchase, the website, will direct you to our Flag Builder but you will also receive an email with a link to our Flag Builder where you can fill in your honoree’s name and your message.

Please make sure to keep you order number when creating your flag as you might need it when you create your flag. Also please keep note of the flag number you will see on the bottom right of the display of the flag you created.

Please allow time for the process to complete and you will be redirected to your personal flag dedication screen. Once completed we will print and post your dedication as soon as possible.  Thanks for your participation.


After Your Purchase

  1. Make note of your Order Number (visible on the Thank You page)
  2. Go to the Flag Builder (
  3. Create and save your flag message
  4. Your “flag tag” will be printed and displayed at the Field of Honor this June
  5. Come join us!


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What happens if I don't get an email receipt?

If I don’t get an email receipt, you can still go to the Flag Builder and create your flag.  After you save your flag and get your flag number please email your flag number to and let us know as much of the following information as you can:

  • The email address used when purchasing your flag on
  • The email address used for your PayPal payment
  • The approximately that you placed your order
  • The “” your entered on your tag via the Flag Builder
  • Your order number (from the Thank You page on
  • Reminder: Your flag number (from the Flag Builder page)
What if I don't have an order number when I create my flag?

Not to worry.  Please email and let us know the email address that you used for your order and approximately when you purchased your flag. 

We can look up your order number for you and you can use it to create a flag OR we can add it your existing flag if you provide us with your flag number.


Flags without order numbers won’t

Where can I find my flag number?

You flag number will be displayed on the flag builder page after you have successfully saved your flag. It will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the tag.

Where can I find my order number?

You order number can be found on the Thank You page after you have submitted your payment.  Your order number will also be emailed to you on your receipt.  Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder if you do not see that email. 

Sometimes emails don’t always get delivered as expected or are delayed so it is best to write down your order number from the Thank You page.

Contact if you have any trouble.

Can I edit my flag after I have submitted it

Unfortunately, not, but you can see it if you have your Flag number that you received after saving your flag.  Go here and enter your flag number.

If you must change your flag, you may create a new flag here. Don’t forget to use your order number.

Please email with your original flag to let us know to not print your original flag.