Flag Poems

Field of Honor Poetry Commemoration

To commemorate our fifth year, we invite students of our three towns to participate by honoring the flag and those who have served our Communities and our Nation, with an uplifting display of patriotic poetry. Poems should reflect our flag, the Field of Honor, or those who have nobly served. 

Flag Poems

In 1941

Casper L, Grade 6, North Andover Middle School

My Great-Grandfather
flying a warplane in the mid-day sun
with his children at home
and hope in his mind
he swore that one day people would be kind
the Berlin Airlift
a mighty task
but to him, this wasn’t a very big ask
and on his way back
the train rattled on the track
but he didn’t want to be a bother
the Veteran of Hotard, my Great-Grandfather

Thank You Veterans

Max D, Grade 6, North Andover Middle School

Thank you veterans for all you do.
We show our gratitude with these flags of red, white, and blue.
We thank you for the sacrifices that you made.
And for the pathway that you paved for people today.
I wish you all a happy life.
Thank you veterans for all you do.

I Am Proud

Rakshitha R, Grade 7, North Andover Middle School

Lined with red white and blue
Who knows what it’s been through?
Red for hardiness and White for valor
Blue for justice while we begin to trust it
13 colonies for 13 stripes
That gives people many rights
Representing states of union
Together they came to one conclusion
We are the world’s most dominant military power To this hour
I am proud to be a citizen of this wondrous nation
And this is just one of my representations

God bless America

Luke C, Grade 1, Atkinson

I love the American flag.
I live in America.
I think its nice to celebrate with all those flags.
I will go see them, especially at night, they light up pretty.

God bless America!!!!!!

My Uncle

Jacob C, Grade 5, Atkinson

I have learned what a veteran is, and I am so proud of all they have done for my country.
They are brave, strong, and dedicate their lives for kids like me.
My uncle Tommy served in the Vietnam War and I am lucky to have him as part of my family.